The Night Reel comes from my love of classic films and being a night owl. I tend to stay up for hours on end editing and working on my illustrations and photos.

Classic Strange Productions came about from the thought that though African-American female artists are not rare, I still find that, often or not, I’m the only black female in my art classes. Sometimes I’m even the only black person. Moments like those always cast doubts in my mind and I would think, “This is classic you; always over-thinking and making things harder for yourself. Just because it appears strange doesn’t mean it is.” and with a snap, I’m over it and moving on. If what I am and what I do is not normal and indeed strange, then I don’t want to be anything less.

I currently reside in the Midwest with a goal of moving either back to the swampy heat of the south or to the frigid cold of the north in solitude. I have been active in the art community for 12 years now with no reason to stop just yet. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me.